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Be part of an exciting youth leadership programme in Harrow

Are you aged between 16-24yrs and want to use your experience to help other young people in Harrow?

The Change Champions are a group of young people from all different walks of life, on a mission to make Harrow a better and more supportive place for young people.

They work with local and central government, local charities, police, schools and colleges and funders - to bring the voice of them and their peers into conversations that impact services for young people.

Hearing what young people have to say is crucial if we are to make it better for them!

It may sound a bit scary, and like you need to be the most confident, polished speaker to be working with these types or institutions and organisations. But this isn't that kind of youth leadership programme.

We want to hear and champion the voices that do no get heard. The stories that do not get told.

It's very important that the Change Champions have experience of struggling or encountering challenges in some area of their life. It may be around mental health, getting a job or feeling hopeless about career prospects, money worries, being a young carer, having SEND, being involved in youth violence, or struggling to get physically active.

You may be living with some of these issues currently, or have experienced them in the past.

You are of course so much more than the barriers and challenges you have faced, or continue to, but your experience in one of these areas will help make sure the people in power are more informed about the REAL experience for young people.

Our Change Champions are supported every step of the way - through training, one to one meetings with the support team leader, social events and peer-to-peer support.

We know that life is busy, and that you have commitments, and so we can be flexible on how we work together, but typically speaking you would need to be around for a monthly meeting (lasting around an hour) and an hour or two a week in between that if you are working on a project. At the moment all of our meetings are taking place on Zoom, until it is safe to meet in person.

If you are thinking this may be for you, and you would like to have a chat or ask some questions before you apply on this page, give Ceri Morris (our Youth Voice Coordinator) an email at to arrange a time to chat.

Whats in it for you?

  • Change Champions is a great opportunity for any young people who want to make a positive impact in their community
  • It will be a great thing to put on your CV!
  • You will get support and experiences to build confidence and develop leadership skills
  • You will be supported by a mentor throughout
  • You will get access to ongoing training
  • You will meet and new people, and have a laugh being involved..they're all really lovely!

*By applying to be a Change Champion, you are committing to a year’s programme, with regular meetings and workshops - download the Volunteer Role Description for more details.*

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