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Be part of an exciting new youth leadership programme in Harrow

Are you aged between 16-24yrs and want to use your experience to help other young people in Harrow?

We are looking for a diverse group of young people that have ever experienced (current or past) needing extra support in any of the areas listed below.

The programme will see different community groups, guided by the Change Champions, coming together to review problems for young people in Harrow – and working together with professionals on developing and delivering solutions.


In the summer of 2018, 4,358 young people in Harrow aged 10-21yrs told us the most urgent areas they need support with. Read the report here: 'This is Harrow'

Harrow's Change Champions will work with professionals to come up with solutions for young people - based on the needs that were highlighted in the report.

See what they have done so far in the Change Champions Overview and then get involved.


Emotional Wellbeing / Mental Health (e.g. if you have suffered with anxiety, depression; lack of confidence; suicidal thoughts or poor mental health in any way)


Youth Violence (e.g. if you have been arrested, found yourself involved in cases of antisocial behaviour or have been a victim of youth violence)


Employment (e.g. if you have, or are currently struggling, to find employment; if you felt / feel unsupported in your desired training / career path; if you felt/ feel lost or disillusioned about your future job prospects)


Physical Activity (e.g. if you have felt/ feel there aren’t enough local opportunities to take part in, or improve your physical activity; if you have done in the past, or currently suffer with obesity)


Inequalities (e.g. if you are disabled and have found / find it more difficult to access services because of your disability; if you are a young carer; financially disadvantaged; refugee / migrant background; ethnic minority group; etc)

Our Change Champions will be working with senior professionals in Harrow to help come up with ideas for change. You will be the voice for children and young people in Harrow.

Whats in it for you?

  • Change Champions is a great opportunity for any young people who want to make a positive impact in their community
  • You will get support and experiences to build confidence and develop leadership skills
  • You will be supported by a mentor throughout
  • You will get access to ongoing training

*By applying to be a Change Champion, you are committing to a year’s programme, with regular meetings and workshops - download the Volunteer Role Description for more details.*

Get in touch on 0208 429 8592 or email if you have any questions.

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