About us

Who is the Young Harrow Foundation?

Established in 2015, Young Harrow Foundation is a membership charity supporting voluntary organisations in Harrow to increase partnerships and other opportunities in the community.

We support over 200 organisations with member-only grants, 1-2-1 funding support and targeted training amongst other opportunities. We then promote their activities, resources and training opportunities on our website aimed at children, young people, parents/carers, school staff and other professionals.

Our people

We have a brilliant team here at YHF. Our staff team of specialists mostly all work on a part-time, flexible basis of 1-3 days a week. We also have a great team of Trustees that continue to invest time to make the Young Harrow Foundation achieve its vision and mission. Get to know everyone here, and drop us a line if you want to chat.

  • Hannah Court
    Hannah Court

    Hannah makes sure everything runs smoothly at Young Harrow Foundation – supporting the team with administration. She has a background of working in schools, and is thrilled to be able to combine her administrative prowess with helping the children and young people of Harrow fulfil their potential.

    Hannah works Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (10am-2pm) say hello at admin@youngharrow.org

  • Glenys Tolley
    Glenys Tolley

    Glenys joined YHF in 2016, having worked in the voluntary sector supporting children and young people for over 30 years. She has extensive experience in charity development and also worked as a charity Director. The importance of a child’s right to play is a topic that Glenys is a passionate advocate for. She also has an interest and commitment to the wider issues and challenges faced by the voluntary sector, especially around equity, recognition and the continuous struggle for funding.

    Glenys works full time. Say hello at glenys.tolley@youngharrow.org

  • Dan Burke
    Dan Burke

    Dan is an energetic and passionate leader, committed to supporting young people. Dan set up Young Harrow Foundation in 2015, after 15 years leading not for profit organisations including Ignite Trust a well respected youth focused charity in Harrow. Dan has a proven track record of inspiring others in a shared vision.

    Dan works full time. Say hello at dan.burke@youngharrow.org

  • Ceri Morris
    Ceri Morris
    Partnerships Manager

    Ceri is passionate about supporting young people and ensuring their voice is heard in conversations affecting their care. Ceri leads our Change Champion partnership work, and is also responsible for our website and communications.

    Ceri works Tues-Thurs. Say hello at ceri.morris@youngharrow.org

  • Minal Patel
    Minal Patel
    Member Capacity Building Manager

    Minal is an entrepreneur focussing on the creative, cultural and sports sectors, and has a love for training and giving opportunities to young people. Minal also works in the voluntary and charitable sector and has done so for most of her life. Minal has good knowledge and experience of working with a diverse range of people and organisations.

    Minal works Part Time. Say hello at minal.patel@youngharrow.org

  • Keisha Njoku
    Keisha Njoku
    Training Development Lead - Level Up Youth Work

    Keisha joined the team in June 2018 and she has a 7-year career in international and community development within the youth sector in the UK, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. Keisha is a creative person who prides herself on positive action to support the next generation to be the best they can be.

    Keisha works 2 days per week. Say hello at keisha.njoku@youngharrow.org

  • Cristina Garcia
    Cristina Garcia
    Grants Lead

    Cristina first discovered her passion for helping young people whilst running diverse sessions at various youth clubs, and organising voluntary programs for the community in South London. Moved to London from a small town in the north of Spain 20 years ago , she has now recently joined the YHF team and strives to support the HAF as a Grant Lead. Say hello at cristina.garcia@youngharrow.org

  • Ana Alpuente
    Ana Alpuente
    Website Development Manager

    Originally from Madrid, Ana graduated from the University of Madrid and Barcelona with a BSc in Media Communication degree and worked at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London whilst at university. She then went on to work as a graphic and web designer for several years at National Geographic and Orange Spain.

    Ana took a gap year in 2013 to travel around the world, visiting over 15 countries, mostly in Southeast Asia and South America.

    As an active volunteer, Ana has been volunteering and supporting children and young people with disabilities for more than two decades so seeking out a career in the charity sector felt like the right thing to do.

    Ana works part-time Tue-Thur. Say hello at ana.alpuente@youngharrow.org

  • Fatima Asif
    Fatima Asif
    Evaluation and Impact Lead

    Fatima joined YHF in 2022. Previously she worked with a range of funders to improve their effectiveness. She is passionate about social change and is an alumni of the 2027 programme. Fatima will leverage her experience from previous for-profit and not-for-profit roles, to highlight the positive impact and difference funding makes.
    Fatima works 1 day per week. Say hello at fatima.asif@youngharrow.org.

Our Mission

Better, sustainable, high quality support services for children and young people in Harrow

Our Vision

Happier, healthier, safer children and young people with more opportunities to reach their full potential

On this website you can find support and resources for


We offer free membership to voluntary organisations that work with children, young people, and their families who live in Harrow. By becoming a member you can be part of a growing movement towards positive change in the lives of children and young people in Harrow.

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We give easy access to book over 300 activities, aimed at children, young people and parents/carers. From well-being sessions and dancing classes to young carers youth clubs and healing and meditation in Harrow.


We connect schools, colleges and other professionals with voluntary organisations that deliver regular activities in Harrow and can deliver activities in schools. We also have tailored training opportunities and resources for school staff and professionals.

Our network and opportunities

Organisations supporting children and young people in Harrow
Activities and support in Harrow
Jobs in the voluntary sector
Funding Opportunities

2021 YHF's annual review

2022 YHF's annual review

YHF's seven-year review

HAF programme

In 2021 Harrow Council commissioned the Young Harrow Foundation to run the Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) Programme; we have run it every year since then. The programme is aimed at children and young people aged 5-16 years eligible for Free School Meals, benefits related, during the school holidays, that are living or going to school in Harrow.

If the child/young person qualifies, the places are free, offering a range of activities in Harrow, a daily free nutritious meal and in some cases specialist SEND provisions. You can get alerts to let you know when HAF camps are available to book.

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Latest news

YHF Members Newsletter (November)


Welcome to the Young Harrow Foundation Newsletter - where we will share the latest opportunities for our members and associate members.

Harrow Funding Fair 2023


Come on the 24th of October to the Harrow Funding fair, organised by Young Harrow Foundation and Voluntary Action Harrow. It's held at Harrow College from 10 am to 2 pm.

Young Harrow is seeking a Treasurer


Young Harrow is seeking a Treasurer to join our dynamic board. Working closely with the Trustee Board and CEO to oversee the finances of the organisation, including the Finance, Remuneration and Business continuity Sub-groups.