Action For Change - Physical Health and Being Active

Physical health and being active is one of the top concerns for young people in Harrow (This is Harrow 2018). Last years report showed that young people are increasingly inactive, with knock effects on their mental and physical health. In particular, there is a sharp drop-off in rates of physical activity from age 14 upwards. This workshop aimed to bring together practitioners, key workers, project and services managers and decision makers from across the public and VCSE sectors to discuss what is and isn’t working in local provision. This workshop focused on identifying the ‘big picture’ issues and what is and isn’t working well in the borough in the way we work together.

It was important to have voices from all parts of children and young people’s services in the room so that we can understand a complete picture. It’s was a chance to put the big strategic issues that affect us across all sectors and organisations on the table – these included:

Physical activity provision in schools

Public space and facilities for sports and active lifestyles

Indoor sports facilities and sports club provision

Accessibility of activities and opportunities for young people

Role of physical activity in supporting other outcomes

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This initial workshop focused on identifying gaps and selecting the priority issue areas where better cross sector collaboration can make a meaningful impact on outcomes for young people.

Physical Health Timeline

All participants where asked to help develop a time line where Children and Young Peopled aged 0-25 had challenges or blockages that limited their ability to achieve in this area.

Bold indicates an issue that has been identified a number of times by different groups.

Physical Activity Timeline

Physical Health and Being Active Workshop - Whole Group Discussions