Young Harrow Foundation is moving into new Offices owned by Harrow School

Posted on: 13/11/2020 in: Harrow information and resources
Permission has been granted to convert a School-owned building on the Hill into subsidized offices for the Young Harrow Foundation.

Working together for young people

The move sees the relationship between Harrow School and the charity, which helps the local voluntary sector to support young people in Harrow, grow even stronger.

Dan Burke, CEO of the Young Harrow Foundation, said he was delighted with the news. “We have been working closely with the School over the past few years, forming a really meaningful partnership. The fundraising and venue support has been phenomenal and in turn has enabled the School, and the boys, to find out more about the range of charities working locally, to engage and support them.”

The news comes as boys in the School are taking part in their annual sporting charity event, Long Ducker.

The weekend’s races will see all boys and some staff run and/or swim different length courses over the School grounds, generously sponsored by family and friends. This year’s event will, of course, be drastically different from usual to ensure safety during the pandemic.

Over the last three years, the event has raised more than £350,000 for charity and the School’s objective is to set a new record this year.

Harrow School’s Director of Shaftesbury Enterprise, Tim Dalton, said: “The relationship between the School and the charity has slowly developed since YHF was founded in 2016 and we look forward to working even more closely in the future.”