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22nd of March 2019
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Stephen Lawrence Day


Following a number of strategic discussions between the Government, Baroness Doreen Lawrence and the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, the Prime Minister announced that the Government will work with the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust to establish a lasting legacy in Stephen’s name. The inaugural Day will be on the 22nd April 2019.

‘We will use this Day to encourage and support young people in achieving their dreams, and to reflect on Stephen's life, death and the positive change he has inspired.Prime Minister, Theresa May

Stephen Lawrence was not able to fulfil all of his dreams and ambitions. His premature death prevented him from ‘living his best life’. The aim of Stephen Lawrence Day, a national day which has been endorsed by major political parties, is to provide children and young people with the opportunity to hear about and learn from Stephen’s story. This is a national programme supported by the Department for Education and Home Office.

Stephen Lawrence Day will provide an opportunity for schools, youth and community groups, charities and others to come together to deliver a range of positive activities including; school-based activities, programmes to encourage young people to reject the recent increases in serious violence, and activities ‘beyond the school gate’ to promote community integration for young people who are at risk of offending.

The day will focus on the theme of ‘Live Our Best Life’. Refer to Guiding Principles Communities Document (appendix 1).

The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust are welcoming applications from individual community organisations or umbrella networks to deliver social action projects focusing on identified risk factors for serious crime and violence in line with the Stephen Lawrence Day communities guiding principles. Refer to Identified Risk Factors Document (appendix 2).

In assessing applications to the Stephen Lawrence Day Community Grants programme we will be looking at organisation’s readiness to work with us as active partners.

Amount of funding available: Up to 1 year, £3000

Project Scope and Focus

The project must focus on:

  • Young people from the most disadvantaged and vulnerable backgrounds
  • Urban/ inner city areas or coastal areas where there is clear evidence of deprivation which impacts on young people and local communities
  • A strong understanding of your target beneficiaries and the challenges facing young people in your local community.
  • Ability to harness existing resources to enable successful delivery of your project.
  • A unique and fresh approach to engaging the target beneficiary and to addressing the issue of youth crime and serious violence.

We will consider funding projects which demonstrate the following:

We will consider funding projects which work in any one or more of the following areas without giving preference to any;

  • Girls affiliated / affected by gangs
  • Young people with disabilities
  • Young people from BAME communities
  • Young people affected by serious crime and violence
  • Education, training and employability
  • Community integration and social mixing

Application process: applications must address each of the following clearly. Provide a two-page response addressing the questions below.

Project name:

Organisation applying for funding:

Charity/Company Number:

  1. Project summary: When will you be delivering these activities? What activities do you propose to deliver on/around Stephen Lawrence Day? What partners will you be working with to deliver this project? Include costs of project.
  2. Project need: What issue will the project address? How has the need been identified?
  3. Project location: Where will you deliver these activities? And why?
  4. Project beneficiaries: Who are your target beneficiaries? What are their specific needs?
  5. Outputs: Which of the Home Office identified risk factors does your project address? Only applicable for projects working with young people affected by serious crime, violence or gangs.
  6. Outcomes: How does your proposed project fit with our guiding principles (sub-themes 1-4)?
  7. Project delivery: How will your project be delivered? Who will run?
  8. Track record: What previous experience does the organisation and individuals involved in running the project have of delivering similar work?
  9. Monitoring and Evaluation: How will progress against outputs and outcomes be monitored?
  10. Risks: What (if any) are the potential risks identified in running the project? How will they be minimised?
  11. Sustainability - What existing resources do you have to deliver your proposed project? Are you able to generate match funding? How would you like to work with the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust to deliver this project?

In addition to the above, the following must also be included with the application:

  1. Timeline for the project including key milestones
  2. Safeguarding policy
  3. Equal opportunities policy
  4. Detailed budget

Please submit your completed application and relevant supporting documents to Chelsea Way on by Friday 22nd March 2019.

Please note this invitation to submit application does not guarantee the grant will be awarded.

The Stephen Lawrence Day Steering Group expect to make a decision end of March.