Information for schools & colleges on the annual health & wellbeing survey for young people aged 9-18

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Now, more than ever, schools and colleges need support to protect the health and wellbeing of their students.

How Are You Harrow (HAY Harrow), launching in April 2021, is a new research led initiative that will enable Harrow schools and colleges to identify the specific needs of their student community (aged 9-18yrs). They will be able to compare it to the borough-wide picture, as well as their own data over time.

The second phase will see schools and colleges collaborating with each other, and other voluntary and public sector youth services to jointly meet the needs identified.

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Why should organisations join in?

Access a useful summary of your school’s data

You will also get the overall data in order to compare your results to the Harrow average

The data can help your school/college respond to the increased Ofsted focus on health and well-being and enable you to benchmark the impact of any initiatives

Access to two webinars at the start and end of the project, which bring together a community of schools and agencies in order to share and discuss findings and look at building bespoke solutions

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