Kuwaiti Community Association

We are a small but impactful non-profit whose staff mostly consists of volunteers and members of the local Kuwaiti community. Our work focuses on securing the rights of the Kuwaiti stateless (Bidoon) community in the UK and elsewhere. We have previously helped to provide research for organisations such as Asylum Aid and UNHCR, in some instances influencing national policy concerning the issue of stateless communities. On a local level, we are based in Harrow, where our office is frequented by Kuwaitis and Kuwaiti Bidoon who are struggling to assimilate and in dire need of legal or personal help. In providing this help we have over 10 years’ experience; we have built up strong personal relationships with many of our clients, based on trust and mutual respect.

We have been featured in articles by The Guardian and Al-Jazeerah. We are valued because we care about an issue that the rest of the world is all too happy to ignore. We stand up for the rights of those who have nothing; we work to combat the discrimination and systemic imbalances against which the Kuwaiti Bidoon struggle every day. Our aim is to put ourselves out of a job: to support the creation of a national and international policy that safeguards the basic rights of the Bidoon.

However, as it stands, we are a long way from achieving this goal. And we need your help to get there.cropped-Screenshot_1.png


We are currently experimenting with a number of new and exciting projects:

Family Reunion Campaign

The KCA is currently working to raise awareness and funds in aid of 50+ Kuwaiti stateless families that are trapped in Jordan due to the British Home Office’s inefficiency in processing their sponsors’ family reunion requests. Please click here for more information.

The Recent History Of the Kuwaiti Bidoon

This research paper will focus on elements of the experience of the Kuwaiti Bidoon during the period since the 1990-1 Invasion. It will include particular detail on the themes of negative media bias, denial of Human Rights and psychological trauma – all of which have beleaguered members of the Bidoon community for decades.

We are currently seeking volunteers to help with research and translating for this project. If you would like to apply, please email your CV and cover letter to Lily Chamberlain at kuwaiticommunity@gmail.com.

English Classes For Adults

We plan to run beginners’ and advanced English classes for adults at our office at 27 Northolt Road, Harrow. These classes will take place on Saturday evenings and all are welcome. Equally, if you have any TEFL, CELTA, TESOL or DELTA qualifications and would like to volunteer as a teacher for these classes, please send us a CV at kuwaiticommunity@gmail.com.

Football ClubIMG_1697

We have previously run a highly successful football club for the Kuwaiti community in Harrow. A number of our former players have gone on to considerable sporting success, playing for major clubs.




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