Free health and wellbeing survey for schools across Harrow

We are asking all schools and colleges across Harrow to run this during a tutor time during January and February 2021

Message from Harrow Council Public Health, CNWL, Young Harrow Foundation:

Dear colleague,

Now, more than ever, we know how much those who work with children need information to help them to support young people. For this reason, we have created a short, well-designed, easy to use and free health and wellbeing survey.

We are asking all schools and colleges across Harrow to run this during a tutor time during January and February 2021. Schools and colleges that sign up will be given direct access to their data which they can use to help guide their health and wellbeing provision. The data will also be shared with other youth health and wellbeing services across Harrow, so we can provide a coordinated approach.

All schools and colleges in Harrow are invited to sign up, and in return we will provide you with:

  • A useful summary of your school’s data
  • Access to the overall data so you can compare your results to the averages
  • Access to two webinars at the start and end of the project, which bring together a community of schools and agencies in order to share and discuss findings

Further details about how this will run are shown below, together with a link to the sign up form.

This is an important and free service that will help Harrow’s young people and the services and educational organisations that support them. Please share this information widely amongst your networks.

Thank you for your interest.

More information:

Who created the survey?

As a collaboration of the public health team at Harrow Council, Harrow CCG, the Harrow School Nursing Service and the Young Harrow Foundation we are launching Harrow-wide school health and well-being survey.

It is a blend of the successful ‘This is Harrow’ survey from 2018, and the Health & Well-Being questionnaires that are part of the Government’s Healthy Child Programme and covers three domains: physical health, emotional-well-being and staying safe.

The questions have been put together with a wide range of specialist input: Harrow School Nursing, Brook, CAMHS, Compass, dieticians, Educational Psychology Service, Harrow Horizons, Harrow Young Carers, WISH Centre. By involving these services we have aimed to ensure that the questions we ask - and the data that they create - are directly useful to schools and support services across Harrow.

Which year groups are involved?

We are planning for the survey to be run annually in years 5 or 6, 7, 9, 11 and 13 and should be possible to complete in a single lesson or tutor time. The survey will not collect individual details of students (which has ethical and data issues), and instead will collect aggregate trend summary data across each year group.

How can the data help schools?

In return for your participation, we will provide you with a summary of your results for you to compare with the area averages. Your data can help schools/colleges respond to the increased Ofsted focus on health and well-being and enable the school/college to benchmark the impact of any initiatives around the three domains. Schools and colleges will have access to their own data and the comparison with the borough-wide figures. There will also be a short report of their data for each school/college. The results from each school will not be shared, only the aggregate data across all year groups and schools.

What are the timescales?

Sign up is running from now until Christmas. There will be a webinar for all schools/colleges and stakeholders on Mon 11th January 2021, 3.45pm – 4.45pm.

The pilot survey itself will be run from 13th January to 12th February 2021, with feedback reports to schools taking part in the pilot in March 2021, and a second webinar summarising the results scheduled for April 2021.

How do I sign up?

We have designed the process to be as simple as possible. You need to choose who will act as your lead contact for the school. That person will be responsible for sharing your unique school survey link to the relevant classroom teaching staff, so they can ask students to complete the survey. That person will also receive the final results for your school when the survey closes. To sign up, just complete the following sign up form as soon as possible:

Any questions?

If you have any questions, please email