Introducing NEON

NEON is an innovative new model of care being piloted for 16-24-year-old patients admitted to Adult Wards at LNWH. It is based on the successful KAOS model at King's and will launch in early 2023.

NEON will involve youth workers from each of the three boroughs carrying out holistic assessments, health promotion, signposting to local support services, and community follow-up if required.

NEON aims to visit and support every young person admitted beyond A&E.

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Organisations Involved

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Youth work delivery partners

Timeline of Young Harrow Foundation's work with Northwick Park Hospital

12 August 2019

Peer research at Norwick Park

In the summer of 2019, Young Harrow Foundation's Change Champion group carried out peer research with young people at Northwick Park Hospital, as well as hospital staff. Their research report can be found HERE

30 October 2019

Multi-Agency Workshop

Multi-Agency Workshop

Following the research findings which highlighted some key opportunities for improvement in the experience of young people, Young Harrow hosted a multi-agency workshop with 30+ professionals from the voluntary sector, Local Authority and NHS. To look at ways to address some of the key needs outlined in the report.

15 January 2020

Action Plan Launched

Following the workshop and smaller strategic meetings between Young Harrow Foundation, NHS, Young Brent Foundation, and Harrow CCG. A joint action plan was launched to address key objectives around youth experience at Northwick.

31 January 2020

Creating an Adolescent Space

Our Change Champions worked with hospital staff to transform a room into a dedicated and suitable space for adolescents who need some quiet space away from A&E.

05 February 2020

Full time youth worker in A&E

Full time youth worker in A&E

St Giles is funded to post two full-time youth workers into A&E to support young people particularly who are being exploited or involved in youth violence.

11 March 2020

Video training for staff

We hit a global pandemic with Northwick hugely impacted. So our action plan is adapted during these times. We work with local charities and young people to create a package of videos that capture young people's views and experiences, and some training support and tips from youth specialists.

08 March 2021

Wellbeing Guide

The Change Champions develop a resource for staff to sign post young people to local services, and includes tips and advice for young people in A&E. This is launched and widely used at the hospital, and goes on to be nominated for the Elizabeth Molyneux Prize.

01 September 2021

Darzi Fellow in Adolescent Health

New role created in Adolescent Health to lead on Young Persons work. There is particular focus on mental health pathways and those for patients with long term health conditions transitioning from paediatric to adult services as they reach the age of 16-18.

08 November 2022

NEON funding application approved

NEON funding application approved

NHS Trust approved funding for a pilot project called NEON (Northwick & Ealing Outreach Network) that will support all adolescents being admitted into both hospitals.