Northwick Park Hospital Catalyst Pilot

This program as others started with our amazing change champions deliver a peer research project over 3 days at the hospital and then holding forum groups with young people.

First Workshop was held on the 22nd October 2019. We had 39 people attend from over 16 Charities, NHS, Harrow Council, and Young People them selfs.

The aim of the workshop was to bring together stakeholders in Harrow and Brent, to collaboratively explore what and how additional support for young people accessing the A&E dept can be delivered.

The focus of the workshop was on mental health and youth violence - two of the most urgent support needs staff have identified.
The workshop was jointly hosted by Young Harrow Foundation’s Change Champions - a group of young people aged 16-19 with lived experience in mental health difficulties and youth violence. They have spent time conducting interviews into the needs of young people at the hospital.

It was an interactive, and action-focused workshop attended by stakeholders including the hospital, the local voluntary sector, Harrow council departments, Met Police, Schools, and young people. From the session we hope to develop a joint action plan that can start to see the right support and partnership working embedded on the ground, quickly.

Watch this video of participants feedback from the session