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About Organisation

At MathsMakers, we make maths learning accessible to all.  MathsMakers works in partnership with mainstream schools to offer maths intervention programmes for students aged 11-16.  We run our programmes in school for students who are selected by their maths teachers.  MathsMakers also supports Sixth Form students who volunteer to work with us as maths mentors and gain valuable skills and experience.

We serve our community:
- Students: MathsMakers uses rich differentiated activities, personal attention and proven intervention best-practices to engage students in maths learning and help them improve in attainment and confidence.  
- Mentors: MathsMakers provides mentors with training and supervision, giving them important skills and work experience, and helping them gain accreditations in volunteering and leadership.   
- Schools: MathsMakers makes it easy and rewarding for our partner schools to work with us.  We help schools meet key objectives in narrowing the attainment gap, extending opportunities for leadership development and mentoring, and engaging the wider community of students, parents and carers.

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