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About Organisation

Number Champions is a charity that supports maths learning in primary schools.

What is the need?
Many children fall behind in maths, find it difficult to catch up, and then develop a dislike of the subject. This impacts their future learning and can affect their prospects in life.

What do we do?
Number Champions provides one-to-one interventions in primary schools so that, through mathematical games and other fun activities with our trained in-school volunteers, children can build skills and confidence in maths.


Which children do we support?
Teachers have told us that the most effective time to intervene is with children aged six to eight (school Year 2 and Year 3), so we are focusing on this age range. The teachers choose the children.

How long is a session?
A trained volunteer spends 20 to 30 minutes with each at least weekly during the school day for a full school year, usually seeing three children on each visit.

How much does it cost the school?
The majority of funding will be provided by donors, with the balance coming from a minimal cost per child (maximum £60) charged to each school.

When are the sessions?
Exact times depend on the school and on the volunteer, but are during the normal school day and outside the classroom.

How do we know that our maths interventions succeed?
At the end of our first year, in July 2019, we asked the class teacher of each child we worked with to evaluate the child’s progress over the year compared to the rest of the class. This used a five point scale from ‘very much better’ to ‘worse’. (It turned out that nobody was evaluated ‘worse’!) The teachers rated 60% of the children ‘very much better’ or ‘noticeably better’.

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We are hiring!

Volunteer Opportunity £/hour 18 May 2021

Our trained volunteers provide one-to-one support to children who have fallen behind in maths. If you’d enjoy volunteering regularly for 1½ hours once a week during the school day, and would find it rewarding to help 6 to 8 year-olds, you could be one of our in-school volunteers. As well as enthusiasm, you will need good numeracy. This means being competent with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division – and also being confident in explaining them. By sharing your competence in numeracy, you will enable children to build key skills and confidence for their school years and beyond. Before you start in a school, we will provide training on how to interact with children in a school setting, on the early years maths syllabus, and on creative ways to engage young children with maths games and exercises. We have current and former teachers acting as mentors who deliver this training and provide on-going support to our volunteers. We also deliver training in safeguarding and arrange for DBS background checks for all our volunteers. If you are interested in being an in-school volunteer, please have a look at our FAQs below, and then contact us and we can discuss or send you more information as appropriate. We really value our in-school volunteers. We see them as a major source of ideas and advice, and listen to their suggestions for the wider development of the charity. Currently we are active only in North London. Our plan for the next few years is to expand across London, and after that into other major UK cities. So if we are not yet in an area close to you, we hope that we will be in the medium term. more