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Our aim at Young Harrow Foundation is to assist and support the ‘not for profit’ organisations within Harrow so that every child and young person in our borough can have a greater opportunity to fulfil their potential.

  • We are responsive to the needs of children and young people and put safeguarding at the heart of everything we do.
  • We actively promote sharing good practice; we offer training, advice, networking opportunities and a ‘venue bank’ for our member organisations and other partners.
  • We seek to develop effective partnerships with statutory, public and private organisations, including businesses, and ‘not for profit’ organisations which support and provide services for children and young people in Harrow.
  • We build relationships with funders, co-ordinate funding bids and advise our member organisations on how to bid more successfully for external funding.
  • We run a small grants programme for member organisations to apply for.

Young Harrow Foundation will champion both children and young people in Harrow and the charities and organisations that support them.

Organisations wanting to apply to become a member of Young Harrow Foundation will need to complete the form below by following the link. Once your form has been received, YHF will contact you to obtain more detailed information about your organisation as required for us to work together closely in a formal partnership arrangement and to help you build the capacity of your organisation.

YHF MEMBERSHIP – Sign up for Free!

Thank you for your interest in joining YHF. Our aim to ensure that organisations and groups working with children and young people are strong, sustainable and fit for purpose. We work to bring a range of different groups together to develop partnership projects, raise funds, share resources, ideas and good practice.

As a MEMBER your organisation will:

  1. Be eligible to apply to the YHF Small Grants funding programme.
  2. Be given priority on a range of opportunities offered through unrestricted funding raised by YHF.
  3. Be eligible to vote at the AGM.

As a MEMBER or ASSOCIATE MEMBER your organisation will:

  1. Receive regular emails on a range of funding opportunities.
  2. Be invited to attend the YHF Leaders Network.
  3. Have access to support, training opportunities, quality assurance and signposting.
  4. Feature on the YHF website.
  5. Have access to our recruitment support and sharing services.
  6. Be part of a growing movement towards positive change in the lives of young people in Harrow.

To be eligible as a MEMBER your organisation must meet the following criteria:

  1. Sector: you must be a constituted non-for-profit organisation with clear and transparent charitable and social objectives.
  2. Geography: your organisation must deliver services for children and young people in Harrow.
  3. Beneficiaries: your organisation must provide direct services to children and young people aged 0-25 years old and up to 30 years old for disabled young people.
  4. Turnover: your annual turnover must be less than £1 million.
  5. Governance: your organisation must demonstrate commitment to working towards effective governance and approved quality standards.
  6. Organisational accountability: your organisation must be prepared to comply with legal requirements and producing policies that are systematically implemented and reviewed as appropriate.

If you are not a non for profit group or if you are but your annual turnover is over £1 million you can become an Associate MEMBER.

Both Members and Associate Members are required to commit to:

  • An initial Membership visit.
  • A six monthly update and yearly membership review visit.
  • Contribute to membership questionnaires and feedback for evaluation reports.

YHF wants everyone who joins to endeavour to be as actively engaged as is practically possible to help ensure that by working together in collaboration we make Harrow a better place for children and young people.

By completing and signing the application form attached you are confirming your agreement and commitment to working together with the Young Harrow Foundation.

It could not be easier click the circle below and follow the instructions

Thank you!!!

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