Bharathanatyam Classes

Age range: 5 - 25 | Price: £20 per 10 sessions | Project by: Valar Thamil Nilayam
In order to help combat Covid-19 (Coronavirus) spread this project has been cancelled till further notice.
We apologise for any inconvinience.
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About Project

At Valar Thamil Nilayam we offer Bharatanatyam classes. Bharatanatyam is a South Indian Fine Art. Learn how to artistically express yourself through this cultural art form! Bharatanatyam is increasing in popularity and we highly encourage young people to join!

The classes are conducted on a termly basis. You will be required to take the Tamil course alongside it which will make Bharatanatyam your second subject at Valar Thamil Nilayam. Therefore, you will be required to pay the second subject fee of £20 for 10 lessons over the course of a term.

If you come from a non-Tamil background, you will be able to take Bharatanatyam lessons without taking the Tamil course. In this case, Bharatanatyam will be your first subject and therefore you will be required to pay the first subject price of £35.

Please download the application form attached and email back to:

*pricing has reduced in light of COVID-19 for lessons that have moved to an online platform. Please contact Mrs Malathy Pirabakaran on: 07459420821 for more information.

Project availability


No application required, simply go on the next available date.


5 | 4 votes
| 2 months ago

Since I have started bharathanatyam at Valar Thamil Nilayam, it has been very enjoyable. My teacher is extremely kind and helpful and has helped me improve in many aspects of my dancing. I look forward to every week going to dance and the environment in which I dance is extremely comfortable. At the moment, I have been preparing for my Grade 3 examination and I have already taken the Grade 1 and 2 exams. Overall, it has been an amazing experience and I am very happy with the opportunity given to me.

| 2 months ago

I have been studying Bharadhanatyam for several years now and the experience has been extremely enjoyable. I am currently preparing for my Grade 3 exam after previously having taken my grade 1 and 2 exams with the help of our amazing teacher who always motivates and encourages us to perform at our best. Dance lessons are something we all look forward to each week

| 2 months ago

At Valar Thamil Nilayam, I have been learning Bharatanatyam for a few years now. From my personal experience, I would rate this class a 10/10. I am now preparing for Grade 3, as I have already taken my examination for Grade 1 and 2. From the day I have started learning Bharatanatyam, my teacher has been very supportive and has been very kind towards me and my fellow pupils. Overall I am very pleased with these classes as they are very exciting and enjoyable.

| 3 months ago

I have been learning bharatanatyam at Valar Thamil Nilyam for several years now and it has been a great experience. From a young age I have always wanted to learn but never had the chance, therefore, when I started my first class I was very excited. Since then I have now attended two examinations and am now preparing for Grade 3. Over the years me and my friends have become very passionate about dance due to the lively dance environment and the teacher, who is always very kind and encouraging, making even the most challenging steps easier. Overall the classes have been very exciting and bharatanatyam is an amazing extra-curricular to undertake.

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Target Young People
Cost £20 per 10 sessions
Age of participants 5 - 25
Available from - to 03/01/2021-25/07/2021
No application required, simply go on the next available date.
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