"Roxy" for Children's Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

Price: £350 per session | Project by: Mind Angels Charity
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About Project

Roxy's school programme is further detailed in the guide on our website. It centres around a workbook resource, an interactive wellbeing workbook for adults to read with children, ideally before they transition from primary to secondary school. It can be used as a one-to-one single resource or as part of a programme of activity.

We have modified our school project for children’s mental health and emotional wellbeing. It’s a unique and effective “Children’s Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Project”, designed to support children and adults in a home setting during the pandemic restrictions.

We have worked on this solution for years and it is written with the advantage of lived experience. We can help prevent ill mental health for your children and no experience is required by parents as we guide them through the process.

Here is a 3min video about us and our purpose https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzqpn35Xo3c and here is a summary video (6mins) of the unique resource we provide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=csNrTL8RH-8.

This project is designed for children in primary education (7-11yrs). This is when children are responsive and prepares them for the challenges they will face by secondary school. ie. They will be influenced by their peers and struggle with physical hormonal changes.

It is essentially a story (and exercises) about emotional wellbeing but if you are talking to a child, it's about a story about a dog called Roxy and the experiences she has. The workbook has been reviewed by counsellors, a psychologists, mental health professionals and laypeople for their feedback and has been years in the making.

The chapters guide the child and adult through the experiences of Roxy (a dog), there are emotional words throughout the stories and an emotional glossary to look up the meanings of these (and more) words. At the end of each chapter there are talking exercises to help the child to empathise with the characters and disclose their own experiences, feelings and emotions. Also at the end of each exercise section, there is an action plan which can be completed if there are any needs disclosed so the parent and child can make a commitment. With this workbook, you can;

• Raise awareness of mental health, reduce stigma and increase resilience for children before transition to secondary education.
• Engage and support families by facilitating discussion, provide talking exercises, encourage disclosure about feelings and emotions, provide emotional vocabulary and document actions for the adult to support the child.
• Support Special Educational Needs (SEN) and SEN Coordinators.
• Be part of a schools programme for children’s mental and emotional wellbeing.
• Support various local authority statutory services.
• Alleviate long-term mental health costs to society as children become adults.

Essentially, our workbook is a complete tool which can be used to fulfil, and evidence, the above outcomes. Here is a 6min video which details what the resource looks like and how it works https://www.mind-angels.com/reviews#RoxysBookDesign

The intention is to facilitate discussion, provide emotional vocabulary and emotional intelligence. The outcome is to raise awareness of mental health, reduce stigma and encourage resilience and empowerment for the child to cope with such situations in future, protecting their wellbeing.

This workbook is reading homework as part of a schools programme. The online guide details the implementation of the programme which includes details about Roxy's Book.

The project can be delivered and managed over a week but can be spread over a month. From the feedback and other data, we will be able to measure and evidence 1. Increased mental health awareness, 2. Reduced Stigma and 3. Increased resilience. (The session guide price is for a class of 30 students)

Assuming our success in achieving our outcomes and funding permitting we wish to roll this programme out in as many primary schools as possible to support the generations each year. We need funding to support the project and schools to agree to receive the workbooks, work with us to obtain our objective, to measure the impact through feedback.

We reach out to local businesses to sponsor the workbooks for schools so there is no cost to schools. We support parents, carers, teachers, schools or other professionals through the project.

The workbooks are available to purchase directly from Amazon at £10.99 at https://tinyurl.com/y3abjtez - If schools wish to purchase directly there will be a discount for quantities over 30.

Please download and read the guide, it is available in it's entirety for review. You can find all the downloads on the resources page of our website at Roxy's Resources. Please download and try the sample workbook which is free to download at https://www.mind-angels.com/reviews.

Project availability

During: School Term , School Holidays & Bank Holidays

This is a during school term AND out-of-school (home) project

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Target Young People , Parents , Charities , Teaching Staff
Cost £350 per session
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