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from 2 January 2021 to 25 July 2026



THE SUBJECT: At Valar Thamil Nilayam, we strongly believe that our young people should be able to flourish beyond our Tamil School. This is why we offer English class at various academic stages.

CLASS DETAILS: The English Classes are FREE for all students who attend Valar Thamil Nilayam. If you do not attend Valar Thamil Nilayam, we still want to offer the lessons for free, however you will be required to pay £10 enrolment fee. We offer lessons up to Key Stage 4.

TO SIGN UP: Please download the application form attached and email back to: valarthamilnilayam@gmail.com

Please contact Mrs Malathy Pirabakaran on: 07459420821 for more information.


Valar Thamil Nilayam

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5 | 4 votes
| 3 years ago

Hi i’m Mira. I am attending English classes at valar Thamil Nilayam. I really enjoy the classes and my teacher teaches me Grammar and this helps me in my school work too. She also helps me in organising my thoughts and writing big write’s. she also conducts debates and teaches us how to come up with arguments and good points. Thank you for the classes I really enjoy them.

| 3 years ago

I am Varshmi Yasotharan and I am currently attending English classes which have been taking place at (Rooks Heath) Valar Thamil Nilayam. My experience has been wonderful as we do different work every week and our teacher always helps us. We learn new things and have fun at the same time. Every week, we get asked what we did during the days before our classes and take turns explaining. We always start with a positive mood and end with the same mood. I am always looking forward to my classes and am wanting to find out what new things we are going to learn.

| 3 years ago

My name is Nayana Nageswaran. I have been studying at Valar Thamil Nilayam from a young age.the teachers are teaching the students in a good way. At Valar Thamil Nilayam, I have to learnt to write, read and speak in Thamil. Not only that, I am learning English and maths there.

| 3 years ago

I study English at Valar Thamil Nilayam (Rooks Heath). I personally enjoy English because I find it very enjoyable to write stories and to write creatively. My teacher has helped me to improve my creative writing and to expand my range of vocabulary. She explains how to add powerful words to stories in order to make the reader hooked. I really appreciate how she always ensures that we all understand the work.

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