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Age range: 13 - 25 | Price: Free | Project by: Every Step Matters (Fulfil Your Potential CIC)
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Anxiety Support - Staying present - Feeling anxious, overwhelmed, stressed, worried or just overthinking everything?

It is completely normal to feel some level of anxiety, overwhelm, stress and worry, especially during stressful and uncertain times, as we are currently facing. Remind yourself that everyone feels like this sometimes.

However, when it becomes a daily occurrence and holds you back from participating in your daily life, something needs to be done to enable yourself to cope and deal with these feelings.

Try our new anxiety support activity, aimed at helping you to ground yourself and stay present.

It can be done in your own time and you can use it on a daily basis to build up a practice in self-care and staying present.We would recommend using it every time these feelings come up for you and on a daily basis. Once you are familiar with it, make it your own! This will make it work for you.

Once you have tried it, we would love to hear your feedback!

Remember that it is okay to ask for help and support. Change only happens when we are willing to do something different and it is important to persevere, especially when trying something new or different.

If you would like further support, have a look at the projects we are running. ESM's Empowerment group is designed to support your emotional well-being and give you the tools to grow your emotional muscles!

No application required, simply go on the next available date.


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| 3 months ago

This tool has been incredibly useful to me, and has really helped me in moments of feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

Something that you can apply at any time, wherever you are, that really helps to bring you back to the moment. This is something for everyone to have in their back pocket!

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Target Young People
Cost Free
Age of participants 13 - 25
No application required, simply go on the next available date.
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