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Forest School Training for Schools
Woodland Adventure Forest School Harrow

£930 per 5 sessions In-person School Offer


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from 2 July 2024 to 17 July 2025


Discover the Transformative Power of Forest School Training with Harrow Woodland Adventure School

Empower Your Staff and Enrich Your Students' Wellbeing and Learning Experience!

Course Overview: Join Harrow Woodland Adventure School for an enriching 5-week Forest School training programme designed specifically for school staff and delivered in your setting. This comprehensive course offers hands-on experience and expert guidance to help you integrate the Forest School philosophy into your educational approach.

Over 5 weeks we will deliver a forest school programme to your students, working alongside your staff lead to provide them with intensive hands on experience so that they are empowered to lead a forest school programme in your school. This course also enables other school staff to join sessions and develop an understanding and experience of forest school activities.

Training Schedule:

  • Duration: 5 Weeks
  • Frequency: Half a day per week on your school site (enough for 2 sessions - up to 30 children each)
  • Additional Training Day: One full day for a staff member at Harrow Woodland Adventure School site

Course Highlights:

  • On-Site Training: Our experienced Forest School practitioners will conduct half-day sessions at your school, working directly with your students. This approach allows your staff to see the immediate impact and benefits of Forest School activities.
  • Practical Experience: Gain practical, hands-on experience as we guide your staff through a variety of Forest School activities, promoting engagement with nature and enhancing outdoor learning skills.
  • Custom Consultation: Receive personalized consultation to help you develop and optimize your school's outdoor space for Forest School activities, ensuring a lasting impact.
  • Expert-Led Sessions: All training sessions are led by our skilled instructors who bring a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm, ensuring a dynamic and informative learning environment.
  • Comprehensive Support: Benefit from continuous support and advice from our team throughout the course and beyond.

Typical Forest School Activities:

Engage your students in a wide range of exciting and educational Forest School activities, including:

  • Den Building: Encourages teamwork and creativity as students work together to construct shelters using natural materials.
  • Tool Use and Safety: Learn the safe and effective use of tools promoting fine motor skills and responsibility.
  • Fire Lighting: Teach students the principles of fire safety and the skill of lighting and maintaining a fire, fostering a sense of achievement and self-reliance.
  • Nature Crafts: Create beautiful and functional crafts from natural materials, enhancing creativity and appreciation for nature.
  • Wildlife Exploration: Discover local flora and fauna through guided nature walks, fostering a deeper connection to the environment.
  • Storytelling and Role-Play: Encourage imaginative play and language development through outdoor storytelling and role-playing activities.
  • Outdoor Cooking: Learn how to cook simple, nutritious meals over an open fire, combining practical skills with fun.
  • Sensory Play: Engage the senses through activities that involve touch, smell, sound, and sight, promoting sensory development and mindfulness.

Why Choose Forest School Training?

  • Holistic Development: Forest School fosters physical, emotional, and social growth, encouraging children to explore, discover, and learn through hands-on activities in a natural environment.
  • Enhanced Learning: Incorporate outdoor learning into your curriculum, improving student engagement, creativity, and problem-solving skills.
  • Well-Being Focus: Promote the well-being of both students and staff through regular interaction with nature, reducing stress and enhancing mental health.


  • Total Cost: from £930

This fee includes all training materials, personalized consultation, and expert-led sessions both at your school and at the Harrow Woodland Adventure School site.

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SEND friendly

We have some training or experience of Special Educational Needs & Disabilities and are able to accommodate children with low-level needs, we do not offer 1:1. Contact us to discuss how we can support your child.


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