I Am Capable

Age range: 14 - 24 | Price: Free | Project by: Every Person Is Capable
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About Project

I Am Capable focuses on giving students a positive mindset, how to identify purpose and general life tools which will support them onto their next step in life. We will be taking on between 15 to 20 students to join the 6 week programme and it's targeted at any student that would benefit from it.

Each student will leave with a certificate, a set of life tools and will be part of the EPIC alumni network.

Every Tuesday : Starting on 10th November
Time: 6pm - 7pm

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5 | 2 votes
| 8 days ago

This workshop was pretty gd. made me see that i can find a leader in maself that i could use when playing sports with my friends or just in general. maybe i can think more about what i wana do as a career. will defo take it agen if i can.

| 13 days ago

I learnt so much about myself and especially the power of being more mindful. Thank you for the experience

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Target Young People , Parents
Cost Free
Age of participants Child age: 14 - 24
Available from - to 26/02/2021-04/04/2021

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Every Person Is Capable