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Age range: 5 - 18 | Price: Free | Project by: Valar Thamil Nilayam
In order to help combat Covid-19 (Coronavirus) spread this project has been cancelled till further notice.
We apologise for any inconvinience.
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About Project

At Valar Thamil Nilayam, we strongly believe that our young people should be able to flourish in their academic lives. This is why we offer Maths Classes.

The Maths Classes are FREE for all students who attend Valar Thamil Nilayam. If you do not attend Valar Thamil Nilayam, we still want to offer the lessons for free, however you will be required to pay £10 enrolment fee. We offer lessons up to Key Stage 4.

Please download the application form attached and email back to:

In light of COVID-19 lessons have moved to an online platform. Please contact Mrs Malathy Pirabakaran on: 07459420821 for more information.

Project availability


No application required, simply go on the next available date.


5 | 3 votes
| 5 months ago

I am a Year 3 student attending Maths classes at Valar Thamil Nilayam, I really enjoy the classes and my teacher Miss Sarubini is fantastic, she helps me in my maths learning and teaches the problems patiently. It helps me in understanding my school maths too, thank you very much Miss Rubi.

| 5 months ago

My name is Varshmi and I am currently taking Maths classes at (Rooks Heath) Valar Thamil Nilayam. To me this subject is fun and easy to understand. This is because our teacher explains it in the most easiest way possible so that we can understand. When the work is a bit confusing, we ask her and she explains it. These classes have developed my knowledge in Maths. The classes have been enjoyable, challenging and worth it. I always feel positive when attending my classes.v

| 5 months ago

Hi, my name is Raxitha and I study Maths at Valar Thamil Nilayam (Rooks Heath). I find this subject very enjoyable and understandable as the teacher (Sarubini) explains it in a way that we all understand. Since I started attending these classes, I have understood more topics in Maths. She gives us work that can be quite challenging in order to drive us to our full abilities. She asks us what concepts we find challenging, so that she can help us to boost our knowledge by giving us the theoretical side of the subjects that can be applied when doing the worksheets. Although maths is not my favourite subject, my teacher makes it engaging so I look forward to attending these classes.

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Target Young People
Cost Free
Age of participants 5 - 18
Available from - to 02/01/2021-25/07/2026
No application required, simply go on the next available date.
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