My Rollercoaster Life Journal - A journal to support children and young people's Covid-19 journey and empower emotional well being.

Age range: 9 - 15 | Price: Free | Project by: Every Step Matters (Fulfil Your Potential CIC)
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About Project

Dear Parent,

Take a moment to acknowledge getting yourself and your children through this pandemic and all the challenges it has thrown in your path, well done! We know we are not in the clear yet but just getting to this stage deserves a huge pat on the back.

As parents, we understand the struggles and frustrations. As therapists, we know the impact it has had emotionally and mentally. It highlights the importance of looking after our emotional wellbeing, especially during these difficult times with so many unknown territories.

So how have these rollercoaster times been for your children? Do you know the emotional impact Covid-19 has had on your child? Have they struggled? Are you worried about the emotional impact on them? Do you want to support them to look at this, but are not sure where to start?

Worry no more! We have the perfect resource for you to support them. Our guided journal has been developed by qualified therapists that specialise in supporting children and young people. Yeah, that’s us, the ‘A’ Team with 12 years’ experience in supporting close to 5000 humans from the age of 6 upwards!

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| 10 months ago

This journal is super helpful!! It gives you prompts to allow you to think deeper about your thoughts and feelings during this lockdown period, as well as encouraging you to go into detail about them and therefore learn about yourself. It’s simple and easy to understand, I’d recommend it to anyone :)

| 10 months ago

We bought this journal for my daughter, it’s been great for her to write down some of her thoughts and feelings during lockdown.
The journal looks at lots of areas where a young person may need a helping hand to give a perspective that will help them work on this area.
The journals great quality and looks lovely and colourful.
Would definitely recommend.

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