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Age range: 10 - 19 | Price: Free | Project by: Greater London Youth Foundation
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We are holding our Online Drama Workshops every week on a Sunday at 10am to 11am

Do you enjoy acting and want to learn some skills from a professional actor? And you don't want to leave your home? Then this course is for you.

Are you ready for your close up?

Our presenter is a professional actor (Terminator 2019).
No experience needed, just a lot of enthusiasm and participation.

E-CERTIFICATES are available (12 to collect). These certificates are given to participants who attend sessions and they acknowledge that you have contributed in PEEL discussions - These will look good on your CV

Sign up via Eventbrite:

Once you've registered we will send you over a Zoom link.

You can also register on our website:

If you have any questions or would like to talk about the workshops, contact by email.

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5 | 8 votes
| 1 month ago

On behalf of my 3 children, just to say a huge thank you for running these workshops. They have tremendously benefited the children during lockdown, have got them out of their shelf and enabled them to do something completely different under the excellent guidance of Mike, and Eve. The communication received, content of workshops has all been fab, many thanks again!

| 1 month ago

I joined this class last July and have been attending EVERY week. As a person living overseas and interesting in acting, this class helped me So much! Our teacher is absolutely amazing and interacts with every single person personally and helps us find our strengths and weaknesses and helps us improve our skills. I have grown such a tremendous amount as an actor and I owe it all to this class.

| 1 month ago

I've just been to one of these workshops and I felt welcome and like one of the regular attendees. The environment is amazing . I would definitely recommend this workshop.

| 1 month ago

This drama workshop has changed my acting life forever. I have received great advice and many tips and tricks when it comes to drama because of this. I have been taught skills and tactics galore and I think this is the best acting workshop I’ve ever been to! SL aged 10

| 1 month ago

Young Harrow Foundation provides a wonderful platform to those who are passionate about drama and acting. I hope they continue to conduct such workshops in future as well.

| 1 month ago

Really nice classes, focussed and tailored to students, feedback is really good, it's helpful to have multiple different perspectives, from different ages too. I love how close the class is, even though it's online, and how everyone gets to interact. Classes are always really fun but focussed. It helps a lot to see other people's performances, too.

| 1 month ago

One of the best online programs for getting to grips with acting! Before joining, I'd had inconsistent experience in theatre and with the pandemic I had no opportunity to gain a good footing; until I found this course! This course is very holistic, and looks at various genres and types from theatre to screen acting, and gets one to understand the basics while also preparing one to have a more advanced view on acting. With this course; I feel confident now in my ability to find opportunities in acting that are suited to me, as this course has helped me identify myself as an actor.

| 1 month ago

I joined during the first lockdown, and as a drama student, I believe it was the best way to keep me going and to be inspired, it challenges you and makes you look forward to the next lesson. Ideal for any levels! No matter if you’re a drama student or if you want to get into drama, these workshops are for everybody. Super recommended!!!

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Target Young People
Cost Free
Age of participants 10 - 19
Available from - to 15/01/2021-30/04/2021

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