The Discovery Space - an open space for young people to support community discovery

Age range: 18 - 25 | Price: Free | Project by: Evolve Initiative
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About Project

Due to the Covid-19 situation we are now running these sessions online via Zoom. Please send an email to to register and we will send you the link on the day.

A monthly forum for 18 - 25 year olds to come together and allow whatever comes to come. These free to attend events support community discovery.

We have no agenda
We work with the wisdom of the group (the collective intelligence)
We use the resources we all have.
We allow what comes, to come, and go with what feels right
We have authentic conversations
We all support each other, listen, learn and sponsor
We don’t know where we will meet on a monthly basis
We don’t know who will be in the group from one month to the next    
New ideas and projects/work/etc can spin off from the group  
We hold the space for each other.
and, and, and….
We presuppose nothing. We exist from a creative, open space and see what comes in the moment

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Due to the Covid-19 situation we are now running these sessions online via Zoom. Please send an email to to register and we will send you the link on the day.

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5 | 6 votes
| 7 months ago

The Discovery Space is the one place I have come across to date that gives a voice to the youth without parameters to suppress them. It is truly a place where the youth can come together, be it in person or online due to the pandemic, and voice their views, opinions, life stories etc. without the fear of anyone passing judgement.
It has surpassed its purpose of creating a safe space, instead it is viewed as a community by regular attendees. Prior to the pandemic, the incredible founders would prepare delicious meals and the act of breaking bread enriched that community spirt.
I do not have enough words to express what an incredible space this is and the hard work and dedication that the founders put in is beyond anything I have seen.

| 7 months ago

I always look forward to going to discovery space. The discussion are very interactive and some discussion help me with problems I’ve been dealing with.

| 7 months ago

It is uncommon to find a space where you feel genuinely open as safe to discuss any issues on your mind with strangers. Discovery space allows young individuals to come together and talk about absolutely anything. The range of personalities that have joined each week, brings an exciting vibe to every session. Even if there are conflicting views on a particular topic, everyone is respectful and understanding. The discussions that have taken place have allowed me to become more open minded and has enabled me to be more understand towards other peoples perspectives. In addition, the space has been a natural networking platform as we learn about each other throughout the sessions. The organisers are extremely friendly and look after us so well, making sure our bellies are full before we leave each session with their amazing home cooked meals!!! Discovery Space have been a vital element in my personal growth and development. Such great vibes, people and food!!!

| 7 months ago

I find the discovery space a safe space for young adults to relieve themselves of anything that has been on their minds. I love how we are able to talk about everything and anything. It’s a great place to ask for advice and not be judged by an opinion we may have or by something we have done. It’s just a space for us to unwind after the day, week or month we have had.

| 7 months ago

I've thoroughly enjoyed attending the Discovery Space, both in person and, owing to the pandemic, online. Meeting with a group of young people with such a diverse range of experiences has enabled me to empathise and understand their lived experiences, but also to act as an indpendent, impartial advisor through our open discussions. We often discuss contemporary issues in the political, social and personal context. The breadth of opinions is always refreshing. Having a space to attend that is free of judgement, open to anybody and is equally accesible has been invaluvable to me. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for the Discover Space and hope to see more and more young people engage.

| 7 months ago

Discovery space is a perfect place for young people to express what is on their mind, whether it be about current global issues or wanting to start a project. Having attended a lot of sessions, it’s been very insightful for me to see how others around me react to and think about certain issues and ideas. I learnt new ways of approaching ideas and how to make change for others and for myself. Personally, once my university studies started, it was difficult to find a chance to stop and discuss with others about what is going on around us. Discovery space sessions gave me an opportunity to break away from my normal routine of study and work, and talk with people my age.

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Target Young People
Cost Free
Age of participants 18 - 25
Available from - to 31/10/2019-30/12/2021
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