Young People's Online Empowerment Group - Ready For Change? Flip Your Script, Step Into Your Power, Own Your Greatness!

Age range: 16 - 25 | Price: Free | Project by: Every Step Matters (Fulfil Your Potential CIC)
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About Project

Do you want to ‘Flip Your Script’, but not sure how?

Are you sick of feeling like you can’t make change happen?

Do you want to create your own happiness?

Then this group is for YOU!
If YOU are ready for change then we are ready to empower you to create it, because you are the CHANGE MAKER!

We are the CHANGE FACILITATORS, and ready to take you on a journey that WILL change your life; if you are willing, ready, open, and determined to do the work and make that change happen.

We are Ami & Ashley, we had no one to show us the way…so we created it for ourselves and it is our passion to support others to do the same.

We are proof that - Yes, you can get through difficult situations, deal with complex and painful emotions, come from a complicated background and succeed!

The magic…is in wanting it, in knowing that you ‘must’ create the change you want to see in your life.

We are running our online Empowerment Group throughout the Summer and the rest of the year.

Our offer:
- 10-week online group programme - weekly for 1.5 hours
- Interactive and engaging sessions
- Weekly topics and activities done in group
- Activities and exercises for you to do in your own time
- Expertise in change and creating the life you want

Your commitment:
- Showing up every week
- Bringing an open mind and heart
- Engaging and taking part in all the activities
- Making the decision to take charge of your journey

For more information, an informal chat about the group, or to request a place please contact:
Ami or Ashley

Project availability


Weekly sessions will be held at the same time for the 10 week group. All sessions will be held on Zoom. We will send out a link to you via email, each week. Weekly activities will be sent to you via email.

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5 | 2 votes
| 3 months ago

I participated in this group last year and it honestly made SUCH a positive impact on me. I’ve known Ami and Ashley for a long time and I’ve always trusted them because they’ve supported me in a way that no one else ever has. The way they work is so amazing, they give you the tools and techniques you need for progressing on your own journey while reminding you how powerful you are to make the changes you need and encouraging you to trust and believe in yourself. The group is a kind and safe space where you can be surrounded by people who have struggled like you and share the ambition to make a positive change in your life and become a happier, wiser and healthier soul! I would encourage anyone and everyone to join it :)

| 3 months ago

This is a group for anyone who is either ready to embrace or has already begun the journey of looking inwards and taking control of your own being.

Despite previously being hesitant towards group work, Ashley and Ami provided the most incredibly safe and nurturing space where you can explore your beliefs and values to the fullest extent. And to add to the safety they provide, there is something truly amazing about exploring your beliefs alongside other individuals who are equally ready to learn more about themselves.

I truly believe that this programme will benefit anyone and everyone who is willing to take the leap to look within. Only a few weeks will enable you with tools and awareness you’ll use for a lifetime.

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Target Young People
Cost Free
Age of participants 16 - 25
Available from - to 24/02/2021-19/05/2021

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