What they do:

Our aim at Radiate is to work with vulnerable young people and adults, to support their needs and improve their skills. We believe in empowering service users to increase self-worth, make their own choices, rediscover themselves and reintegrate back into the community.

Radiate provides the necessary support to service users to increase their confidence and motivation. We offer individualised support to ensure needs are met based on the Recovery Capital Model

Cultural Capital: Identity,   Culture and Values

Human Capital: Health and Well-being

Social Capital: Family and Community

Physical Capital: Housing, Wealth and Employment

We will help you to:

Radiate can help by providing –

Individual 1-2-1 support and a safe environment for breaking isolation.

Employment support, advice on volunteering opportunities

Advice on self-employment and business planning

Computer training, education and learning support skills

T-shirts, Card Making, Art and Craft groups

Open discussion, motivation groups and life skills sessions

We promote a holistic approach to health and well-being, such as the therapeutic touch which takes place every Monday.

Please visit there website for more information (Just click on the image below)

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