Harrow Schools Are Ready For You

Support for families with children starting school in 2022

Hello Parents and Carers!

We hope the upcoming transition from home, to starting school, is one you and your child are hopeful and excited about.
You may be feeling nervous, you may feel pressure to get your child 'ready' for school, you may even be worried that your child isn't ready. Well, we want to tell you...

we are ready.

We are ready and excited to welcome you and your children into school, wherever they are at.
But before then, please, put down the pencils and hold off the the ABC practising. Instead, get playing and relaxing!
The best thing you can do for your child is to help them feel relaxed and excited for this new adventure.
Make lots of time for play, for stories, for building dens and going on walks together. Time for friendships, for chatting, and simply spending quality time together.
And we will be there in September.
We will have big smiles, and lots of support to help your child feel confident and empowered to take that next step, and reach their potential - in their own time, and their own unique way!

Here are some ideas and resources to help you and your child feel prepared for their next step...

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Harrow has a huge amount of (often FREE) support available to parents, offered through local charities.
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