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Young Harrow Foundation (YHF) was established in 2016 and are proud to have used new ideas and innovative methods to secure much needed funding for the charity sector and would love you to get involved in helping to raise more.

We currently have over 160 Members and Associate members who are a range of local charities delivering vital community based services to better the lives of children and young people.

Below is a snapshot of the diversity of only 60 of our 160 members working tirelessly to improve young people’s lives who together support 1,000s of Young People every single week

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Over the past three years we have worked with and supported our members to secure £2,600,000 for local delivery and delivered a range of small grant programmes funded on behalf of the John Lyon’s Charity, Jack Petchey Foundation, London Sport, Harrow Council and Corporate Partners.

The charity sector is needed more now than possibly ever before, with one in five young people struggling with mental health related issues, and an alarming amount of children and young people struggling with suicidal thoughts, self-harm, youth violence and simply just getting a job or aspiring to a career they can be proud of.

Local charities work tirelessly to make a difference, to support children and young people and prepare our children and young people of today to be ready to be the leaders of tomorrow.

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In the past many philanthropists and donors have chosen a charity to support but not only is it impossible for one charity to solve society's social problems - it is harder than ever to know who to give to. There are so many causes and so many issues that we want to support and want to know how the money we are investing in children and young people’s lives can make the biggest difference.

Young Harrow Foundation can help direct the funding to the right provision that positively impacts young people’s lives in specific areas and ensure money is targeting need. Young Harrow Foundation is fully funded to do this work and can do all of this without taking a percentage from donations ensuring 100 percent goes directly to the cause.

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Money raised since December 2017 in partnership with our DONORS AND CORPORATE CHAMPIONS

Funding raised through Donors and Corporate partnerships
Amount of Funding YHF has secured for its members in total

YHF have 3 levels of FUNDING Donors and Corporate Champions which are

Gold, Silver and Bronze

Silver Funding Corporate Champions

Bronze Partners and Funding Corporate Champions

Message from one of our GOLD Funding Donors and Corporate Champions...

For the past two years, we have been supporting Young Harrow Foundation’s innovative crowd-funding initiative. Young Harrow Foundation engages partners from all corners of the local community to match-fund the efforts of small charities and enable them to fund vital projects for children and young people. We have pledged our support once again to the 2018 initiative which launches on 27 November through The Big Give. We know that our donation will help each charity to turn £1k’s worth of hard fundraising into £4k – an amount that they wouldn’t normally be able to achieve.”


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