Comic Relief

UR VISION IS TO CREATE A JUST WORLD FREE FROM POVERTY We’re doing this by funding and investing in amazing organisations across the UK and around the world. We fund a huge variety of organisations, each one working to tackle the key issues of our time. HOW WE MAKE CHANGE We aim to root our support with those closest to the people we intend to help. We recognise funding alone won’t be enough to bring about the change we want to see, so we're always learning and adopting new tools to achieve the greatest impact around our funding. INVESTING DIRECT We believe that organisations closest to context, are best placed to find solutions to the problems they face. We will invest in unsung heroes, medium-sized organisations who share our vision for change. ENGAGING REAL EXPERIENCE We believe sharing people’s own stories and experiences can drive positive change, we want to listen, learn from, and better share this experience through our platforms. INVESTING IN INTERMEDIARY PARTNERS We believe that community-driven change makes a huge contribution, but recognise we’re not best placed to invest direct in highly localized projects. We will support specialist funders with expertise of engaging and working with communities they exist to help. LEARNING We believe by sharing evidence and insight, we can drive change, and continuously innovate, adapt and improve what we do. INFLUENCING We believe by championing and convening alongside others, we can contribute to accelerating changes in attitudes, policies and practices on the issues we care about.

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