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About Organisation

HAD originated in 1972, a small grass roots organisation, which recognised that people in Harrow who had physical disabilities had no overall organisation to go to and there was no ‘umbrella’ organisation drawing together all the condition specific groups which supported people in Harrow with those specific conditions. There was a great initial focus on welfare benefits.

There were at the time, several local organisations to support people with learning disabilities, or mental health needs, and a couple of national organisations which offered some kind of support to people who were Deaf or hard of hearing, or who had visual impairments or were blind. However, there was no generic group for people with physical disabilities, and the world at this time was extremely inaccessible to this group. HAD is a pan impairment organisation, but is often perceived as being for people with physical disabilities only, as it is the only local organisation for this group.

HAD started to gradually be funded by the local statutory sector to provide services, and the range available has changed, generally expanding over the years.

In 2000, HAD became a Company Ltd by Guarantee and a Registered charity, and has been so ever since. Over time, HAD had built a reputation with local people and professionals.
To promote and bring about inclusion and equality for all disabled people in all areas of life by:

Ensuring that they have access to relevant disability information, advice and support from HAD
Delivering high quality services that empower and enable disabled people to have the freedom of choice, access their rights to live independently and gain equality.

38 High Street
Harrow, HA3

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