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About Organisation

Khulisa, meaning ‘to nurture’ in Zulu, is an award-winning social justice charity that empowers young people who have been impacted by violence and abuse in early childhood. Inspired by our sister charity based in South Africa, our programmes have been successfully supporting prisoners and ex-prisoners to rehabilitate and reintegrate into their community since 1997. Over the past 10 years in the UK, we have delivered 198 programmes, trained 2015 professionals and directly helped over 3265 people to transform their lives.

It is well evidenced that exposure to violence or experiencing adversity or abuse in early childhood can lead to a young person displaying violent or aggressive behaviour in later life. These behaviours can lead to a series of exclusions form society, including imprisonment. As such, our behavioural change and emotional well-being programme supports prisoners to understand and address the root causes of their violent behaviours, in a safe, therapeutic environment. By addressing the root causes of a person’s violent behaviour, we help to create sustainable long-term change in their lives, equipping them with the emotional and social skills needed to build stronger, more stable relationships with themselves and with others.

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