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About Organisation

Need to Talk counselling services is a charity organisation based in Harrow. We offer a non-judgemental, understanding and safe place where concerns and issues can be worked on and explored by a fully qualified counsellor on a one-to-one basis.

How does counselling work?

A counsellor seeks to help you to focus on and understand more clearly the issues that concern or trouble you. The counsellor’s role is to offer support and understanding and to listen and respond in a non-judgmental, non-critical way. They will respect your values, choices and lifestyle. They will help you explore your feelings and may try to help you discover what lies behind what is troubling you. They can help you to make decisions, choices or changes that are right for you.


Counselling sessions typically last 50 minutes. At the first session, you can talk over the reasons for seeking counselling and together with your counsellor decide on the most appropriate way forward. Some find this session sufficient on its own; others will want ongoing individual counselling or referral to other help.

Fees are charged as follows:

  • Single person not working and on means-tested benefits £10.00 (the waiting list is closed at present)
  • Single person working and on low-income £20.00
  • Single person counselling (earning above £16k) £25.00
  • Single person counselling (earning above £21 K) £30.00
  • Couples’ counselling and family counselling, working and on a low income (£16 K or less) £40.00
  • Couples’ counselling and family counselling (earning above £16k) from £50.00 (as determined during assessment)
  • Our low-cost therapy fee is aimed at fairly applying means-tested benefits. Our experience so far suggests that our clients who fall into this bracket view this as acceptable.

Waiting List Policy

There are times when the wait for counselling is longer than we would like. This happens when the demand for counselling is greater than the number of appointments we can offer, but it is also due to a minority of people not confirming or not keeping appointments – and thus the appointments are ‘wasted’. To reduce waiting times for everyone, we have the following policy:

Priority on our waiting list takes into account the severity or urgency of your situation and the length of time you have been waiting. When an appointment offer is made we ask that you confirm it by a given date. Provided you do this your appointment is secure. However, if you do not respond we will reallocate the appointment to someone else. If you do not attend a confirmed appointment we will normally, at your request, reinstate you on the waiting list but only from the date of your request.

What sort of problems can be helped through counselling?

Most personal, relationship or identity problems can be helped through counselling – this includes anxiety, stress and depression; family and/or relationship difficulties, sexual problems and identity issues. Counselling can also help with other issues such as: adjusting to a new culture, dealing with dilemmas, making difficult decisions or choices, as well as more specific problems such as eating problems.

Need To Talk
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