StreetWise: Detached and Outreach Youth Work [partnership working offer]

Age range: 11 - 18 | Price: Free | Project by: St. Alban's North Harrow
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About Project

In Outreach Youth Work, youth workers go out from a centre seeking to promote services and opportunities to young people - and sometimes bring young people back to the centre - or signpost/ accompany young people to other services.

In Detached Youth Work, youth workers simply work with young people where they are, providing a listening ear, support, and information relevant to the young person/ group's context: situation, needs, aspirations.

Such youth work can be particularly effective with those who don't respond so well to/within formal environments or enclosed spaces, and may be considered 'hard to reach' or 'at risk'. It can be both 'planned' and 'responsive'.

The relationship-building stages are key to gaining trust and engagement, and so to any consistent, effective work.

We will be working 'Outreach' 2 afternoons a week, and 'Detached' 1 afternoon a week. Typically 1-2 hour sessions.

We would be interested in partnership work here in the North Harrow area where there are already several 'hotspots' where issues connected to young people gathering have become concerning to community stakeholders.

Please note that whilst Detached/Outreach Youth Work can help deter/reduce ASB and criminal behaviour, the main aim would always be the safety, well being and development of the young people.

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Age range:
11 - 18
St. Alban's Church Halls [hall annexe -back of car park]
Norwood Drive
, Harrow,
Upcoming Dates:

2:00pm - 9:00pm

  • Thu 6th of September 2018
St. Alban's North Harrow