Children's University Programme in Harrow

Inspiring children to discover their potential

What's the Children's University programme?

The Children's University (CU) is a charity working with primary schools and organisations like the Young Harrow Foundation to encourage and celebrate participation in extra-curricular activities in and out of school for primary school children of all backgrounds.

Harrow Children's University is funded by John Lyon’s Charity and implemented through the Young Harrow Foundation with the support of Harrow School and John Lyon School.

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How does it work?

This year, three primary schools will be offered the opportunity to benefit from the scheme in their school. Successful partner schools will be formally connected to offers of support and activities from the voluntary sector and private schools, based on the needs you identify of your school/students.

For students who attend these activities, in school, after school and in the community, they will collect points. Their existing after-school/extra-curricular activities will also be counted as validated activities. After collecting several points, students will be invited to a graduation ceremony. Download the guidance for primary schools, which explains more about the programme and how it could work in your school.

Benefits of the programme

For primary schools, this programme offers the chance to be connected to support and activities that could be run at your school for free, that you may otherwise not have the chance to offer. The programme also allows you to monitor and report on engagement with your extra-curricular activities and is a great way to document your development offer at school.

The desired outcomes for every child involved in the CU program include:

  • Grown in confidence, and self-belief
  • Enjoy new experiences, in new places, wanting to keep exploring
  • Have a broader range of essential skills
  • Empowered to make positive choices about their future
  • Learning can be fun, aspirational and lifelong
  • Access to multiple activities and opportunities
  • Appreciated and celebrated for their commitment to learning by their family, school and community
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It's inclusive. There is nothing too big or too small to add. Everything is a possibility to earn credits.

Primary-school student, Children's University Trust's State of the Nation Report


  • How can schools get involved?

    This offer is open to primary schools in Harrow and will be offered to seven schools over 3 years. We have opened applications for this year, and you can nominate your school here.

    Note applications will close on 14th May 2024. If your school applies and is not successful for year one, we will put your details on the waiting list for next year.

  • Does it have a cost to schools?

    The programme is FREE for primary schools, thanks to funding from John Lyson's Charity.

    Some CU activities that will be offered will be free for students, and some in the community may carry a small charge. Your school's existing extracurricular activities and trips will qualify as CU activities and count towards your students' points.

  • Can schools keep track of the student's achievements?

    Yes. Once students have signed up for the programme, schools can track their participation and document the activities they engage in.

    You can download reports that:

    • Showcase the range of opportunities available to students
    • Highlight the skills being cultivated in alignment with the Skills Builder framework
    • Discern which categories of learning are preferred,
    • Identify areas for further enhancement and growth
  • Is there training for school staff?

    CU online training is available to schools and is provided by Children’s University.

    The session is informative and helps the staff to use the platform more effectively. It could also be used for the CPD hours.

  • Can schools upload activities?

    Your school activities can be uploaded to CU Online where only your students can view them.

    Activities may include before and after-school clubs, special projects or holiday activities, providing there is learning involved. You and your team. If you are unsure if an activity can be included, please get in touch.

  • What's a Learning Destination?

    The Learning Destinations are school-based and community-based activities.

    Once registered, students can start participating in activities provided by validated Learning Destinations.

How to take part if you are a primary school in Harrow?


Commit to an initial needs analysis meeting


Nominate a member of staff to work with our CU Coordinator to help implement the programme in your school


Work with your students to encourage and support them to keep their online learning passport up to date


Help keep parents informed and engaged with the programme (we will provide you with materials for you to share)

Organisations involved

Harrow Children's University is funded by John Lyon’s Charity and implemented through the Young Harrow Foundation with the support of Harrow School and John Lyon School.