Northwick Park Hospital Catalyst Pilot

This program started with our amazing change champions delivering a peer research project over 3 days at the hospital and then holding forum groups with young people. First Workshop was held on the 22nd of October 2019. We had 39 people attend from over 16 Charities, NHS, Harrow Council, and Young People themselves.

The aim of the workshop was to bring together stakeholders in Harrow and Brent, to collaboratively explore what and how additional support for young people accessing the A&E dept can be delivered.

The focus of the workshop was on mental health and youth violence - two of the most urgent support needs staff have identified.
The workshop was jointly hosted by the Young Harrow Foundation’s Change Champions - a group of young people aged 16-19 with lived experience in mental health difficulties and youth violence. They have spent time conducting interviews with the needs of young people at the hospital.

It was an interactive, and action-focused workshop attended by stakeholders including the hospital, the local voluntary sector, Harrow council departments, Met Police, Schools, and young people. From the session, we hope to develop a joint action plan that can start to see the right support and partnership working embedded on the ground, quickly.

Feedback from the session - Watch the video

An up to date timeline of the process

12 June 2019

Initial meeting with NHS

YHF CEO and one Change Champion met with 8 NHS staff at Northwick Park Hospital to discuss the needs and opportunities they had.

12 August 2019

Change Champions deliver peer led research at A&E

Five Change Champions interviewed over 35 people including service users, doctors, nurses, admin and security staff.

22 October 2020

Change Champions Workshop

NHS, YHF and Change Champions delivered a workshop for over 16 organisations. This including presenting the research and delivering a SWOT analysis to produce an initial action plan.

15 January 2020

Action Plan launched

Four meetings with NHS, YHF, Harrow Council, Young Brent Foundation and Harrow CCG helped to develop and define.

02 March 2020

Press release

Press release

YHF and NHS do a joint press release on the piece of work.

31 January 2020

Full time youth worker at Northwick park

Brent Council agree to fund a full-time youth worker role pilot for a one-year period. This role will become a key referral pathway for organisations in Harrow and Brent and an internal resource for the hospital.

15 January 2020

Redesigning and improving the look and feel of the secure room

Cameron (a Change Champion) has been in touch with Luke from Harrow YOT and I also followed up with Danielle today- they will get back to us regarding how they can be involved in re-designing the secure room. They are also keen to get involved and help when a date is set.

19 February 2020

Using the YHF website as a key referral route for the Hospital

If you now type in "Northwick Park Hospital" in the search option all relevant programs that offer support around the key issues highlighted.

03 March 2020

Northwick Launch the Volunteering program

Northwick Park Launch the Volunteering program designed to give a new experience for Young People at the front door of A&E through to them seeing a doctor.

02 March 2020

YHF Launch our video training offer to Members

Cameron and Mathura (Change Champions) will design an offer to go out to our members asking for those who are keen to do a video on the agreed topics and also one to gather posters etc. that should go out after a half term.