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About Project

Our Frontline: Supporting educators’ mental health during the pandemic

As a teacher, you know there are a lot of people relying on you to do the best job you can. Your class, their parents and carers, other staff at your school and groups such as Ofsted create different pressures at the best of times, and during the COVID-19 crisis you might be feeling that pressure more than ever.

There are also additional worries you might have because of the pandemic. How will you manage social distancing in your classroom? What to do when children have to stay home due to restrictions? How can you keep yourself, the children and colleagues safe? All of this compounded stress might be having an impact on your mental health, leaving you feeling anxious, exhausted and emotionally drained.

You aren’t alone

However, you aren’t alone, and there are resources available that can help you. Twinkl has teamed up with Mind to support teachers and help them cope with their new ways of

In this toolkit, you can find resources that have been selected by Twinkl’s teachers which you might find useful. They are here to help reduce your stress and encourage self-care – focusing on helping you relax and let go of anxiety, and take positive steps towards feeling in control at work.

To find our Well-being Package click on the link below:

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You can access this toolkit and resources whenever you need them. Follow the link in the description to open the page where you can access all the different resources.

No application required, simply go on the next available date.


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No application required, simply go on the next available date.
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