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Social and Emotional Skills Training Programme for Young People at risk of exclusion

Year 7 - 10 Free In-person School Offer


Project availability

from 1 March 2023 to 25 March 2024


'Face It' is Khulisa's FREE Social and Emotional skills training programme for young people at risk of exclusion. The programme is run within secondary schools.

We offer specialised targeted and long term support to help children develop the social and emotional skills (including consequential thinking, coping strategies for anxiety and emotional regulation), the emotional resilience and self-confidence they need to make more positive choices in their lives.

The offer:

  • Delivered over 6 weeks, each programme is tailored to participants’ needs and uses art, storytelling and 1:1 / group experiential techniques, delivered by trained drama therapists.
  • The sessions will be for groups of 8-12 young people.Smaller group sizes are advised in some settings.
  • The sessions will focus on Improved social and emotional wellbeing/ Improved social skills / Increased resilience / Improved emotional regulation

What input is required from partnering secondary schools:

School staff do not need to be present but they do need provide a member of staff for us to hand over any safeguarding concerns to at the end of each session

Our impact

Having developed and practised using these new life-long skills, we will see young people feeling more confident, more motivated and more able to make more positive choices in their lives. Ultimately, we hope to see them engaging in positive activities, for example engaging more fully in their education, taking on roles of responsibility or volunteering in the community, and preparing for a successful transition into adult life. Conversely, through the programme we hope to successfully divert young people away from crime and becoming involved in youth violence.

SEND friendly

We have some training or experience of Special Educational Needs & Disabilities and are able to accommodate children with low-level needs, we do not offer 1:1. Contact us to discuss how we can support your child.



0207 183 2647 email hidden; JavaScript is required
30A Acre Lane, London, SW2 5SG

In Cooperation with:

A partnership between: Family Action (SENDIAS Service in Harrow), Central and North West London (CNWL), Fresh Arts C.I.C, Khulisa, Heads Up Partnership, Harrow Carers, Mind in Harrow, The Josh Hanson Charitable Trust, Sweet Science Foundation.


5 | 4 votes
| 3 years ago

I realise now that people do want to listen to what I say, and that I can make friends

| 3 years ago

The programme was fun, creative and interesting. I feel its helped me to think smarter and improved my communication

| 3 years ago

The main thing I learnt was to be more comfortable around people, the more I was comfortable, the more people liked me. People liked me for who I am instead of me pretending to be someone

| 3 years ago

“Since the programme I think I have changed a lot. I’m calm and I know how to deal with things properly. There’s other options. I can just sit back”. - Harrow High

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