Associate members are constituted not-for-profit organisations with a turnover of over £1m that deliver or have plans to deliver direct provision to children and young people in Harrow or your organisation provides support to the wider family, parents, and carers.

Benefits of becoming an associate member

  • Access to a range of funding opportunities
  • Access to free, targeted training opportunities
  • Receive regular emails and updates on funding opportunities and events
  • Access to YHF network events, workshops, webinars, and forums
  • Be listed on the YHF website with your own, dedicated, free organisational portal
  • Opportunity to change to full MEMBER status if your offer changes or you have worked for over one year on delivery in Harrow
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Other membership types

If you do not meet ASSOCIATE MEMBER criteria, we welcome connections and partnerships with a wide range of organisations that either work with or are keen to support children and young people and their families, directly, or indirectly, through training, support services, or financial donations. We offer a tiered membership and can invite you to join us by becoming one of the following: member, strategic partner, school member, private provider, donor/corporate member, or trust/foundation member.

Other memberships

(schools, private provider, donor/corporate, trust/foundation)

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Young Harrow Foundation has been an incredible support to CAAS over the last couple of years and has supported us in running our first Crowdfunding Initiative securing £5,702 towards our Youth Project, by providing funding enabling us to pilot our Girls Group project, and probably most importantly, helped us forge stronger links with other voluntary sector organisations within Harrow.

Thanks to the Young Harrow Foundation’s promotion of collaborative work we are delighted to be partnered with Mind in Harrow, Mosaic, and Paiwand in delivering our new HeadsUp project providing mental health support to young people with ADHD and Autism."

Therese Glynn, Director of Centre for ADHD Services

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