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Build Back Better (YHF MEMBERS ONLY)

£3,000 - £8,000 Deadline: 22 Jan 2021

Build Back Better (YHF Members Only)

London Community Response Funding - Wave 5 - Crisis Response & Renewal

No Min - £50,000 Deadline: 15 Feb 2021

Wave 5 of the London Community Response - new funding announced on 14 January for civil society organisations from across London to apply for up to £50,000.

Foyle Foundation

£1,000 - £50,000 Deadline: no deadline

Small grants for grassroots and community work and main grants for charities with a core remit of the Arts or Learning.

Morrisons Foundation

No Min - £25,000 Deadline: no deadline

Funding for charity projects which make a positive difference in local communities.

The Fat Beehive Foundation

No Min - £2,500 Deadline: no deadline

The Fat Beehive Foundation is an independent UK registered charity that provides small grants for websites and digital products to other small UK registered charities.

Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants

£1,000 - £100,000 Deadline: no deadline

National Lottery Project Grants is an open access programme for arts, museums and libraries projects. The fund supports thousands of individual artists, community and cultural organisations.

John Lyon's Covid 19 School Holiday Activity Fund

No Min - £6,000 Deadline: no deadline

The Fund is designed to enable organisations to deliver fun and accessible activities for children and young people during the school holidays.  This includes all half-term breaks, Easter, Christmas and the summer holidays.

The Yapp Charitable Trust

No Min - £3,000 Deadline: no deadline

Grants for running costs and salaries for small charities with annual expenditure of less than £40,000. Grants are normally for a maximum of £3,000 per year and they will fund for up to three years.

Hardship Fund

£120 - £360 Deadline: no deadline

The Hardship Fund was created by the British Red Cross partnering with Aviva and the Aviva Foundation to help those most financially impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.
Apply as an individual or become a referral partner to help others in need.

Kelly Family Charitable Trust

No Min - £5,000 Deadline: no deadline

The Kelly Family Charitable Trust is a grant-giving body founded in 2004 by members of the Kelly family, offering grants of up to £5000.

Garfield Weston Foundation

No Min - £100,000 Deadline: no deadline

The Garfield Weston Foundation is a family-founded grant-making trust with the aim of supporting
organisations that have effective solutions to helping those most in need.

Masonic Charitable Foundation Children & Young People Grant

£1,000 - £15,000 Deadline: no deadline

This programme is open to national and local charities helping disadvantaged children and young people to overcome the barriers they face.
Charities can apply for a small or large grant, depending on their income

Comic Relief Community Fund (England) (Capacity building currently paused)

No Min - £4,000 Deadline: no deadline

The Comic Relief Community Fund (England) is offering grants to grassroots community organisations with an income of less than £250,000. Funding is available to help you develop your organisation through a Capacity Building Grant (of up to £1000) or to deliver projects through a Project Delivery Grant (of up to £4000).

The Tudor Trust

No Min - No Max Deadline: no deadline

The Tudor Trust is an independent grant-making trust which supports voluntary and community groups working in any part of the UK.

Shanly Foundation local community funding

No Min - No Max Deadline: no deadline

Lending a hand where needed in the local community, Shanly supports local charities and community causes.

Harrow Wins: Community Lottery

£1 - £1,000 Deadline: no deadline

Harrow Wins, a new and exciting community lottery, with a jackpot of £25,000 every week - is now live!

The Ironmongers' Company

£100 - £10,000 Deadline: no deadline

The Ironmongers' Company organisations grant wishes to support projects that provide opportunities for disadvantaged children and young people to fulfil their potential.

Awards for All

No Min - No Max Deadline: no deadline

National Lottery Awards for All offers funding from £300 to £10,000 to support what matters to people and communities.

Our priorities are:
-bringing people together and building strong relationships in and across communities
-improving the places and spaces that matter to communities
-enabling more people to fulfil their potential by working to address issues at the earliest possible stage.

Main Grants Fund "John Lyon's Charity"

No Min - No Max Deadline: no deadline

The majority of grants awarded by John Lyon’s Charity fall under the Main Grants Fund.
Applications for Main Grants are considered by the Trustee three times a year in March, June and November. Grants can be awarded for up to three years, subject to monitoring reports and the specific approval of the Trustee.