What's HAY Harrow?

The How Are You (HAY) Harrow survey is a comprehensive investigation into the health and well-being of young people aged 9-18 studying and living in Harrow. Since 2018, the Young Harrow Foundation, Harrow Council and NHS North West London Trust have conducted three surveys and it has helped to raise over £3 million to support children and young people's services in Harrow.

The HAY Harrow reports aim to bring together the different areas of the latest local research – leading with the HAY Harrow report which gives us a rich picture of what young people aged 9-18 are thinking and feeling about their health and wellbeing in 2023.

The findings of the latest 2023 survey have been covered in the borough wide youth analysis report called This is Harrow.

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Survey Key Themes


17% of young people worry about their family running out of food and 6% live in temporary accommodation in Harrow.


38% say there are areas of Harrow where they feel unsafe and 44% do not feel safe where they live some or all of the time.

Mental Health

74% say they often or sometimes feel anxious or nervous. KS2 (primary age) reported the highest score of 76%.

Physical Health

14% say cost prevents them from doing the sport/exercise they like and 18% say there are no suitable spaces near them.

children and young people answered the survey in 2018
children and young people answered the survey in 2021
children and young people answered the survey in 2023

Other resources and support in Harrow

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Support for local families

We give easy access to book over 300 activities, aimed at children, young people and parents/carers. From well-being sessions and dancing classes to young carers youth clubs and healing and meditation in Harrow.

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Support for school staff

We connect schools, colleges and other professionals with voluntary organisations that deliver regular activities in schools. We also have tailored training opportunities and resources for you.

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Support for local organisations

We offer free membership to voluntary organisations that work with children, young people, and their families who live in Harrow. By becoming a member you can be part of a growing movement towards positive change in the lives of children and young people in Harrow.

Organisations involved

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